The Importance of Marrying the Right Project Management Tool

Your project management tool has a huge influence on productivity. Be mindful of what software you choose to spend your working life with.

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Over the years, I have used quite a few project management tools, including Basecamp, Trello, Asana and Jira.

When our company made the switch to Jira, we ran into a lot of issues. It was slow, cluttered, and had confusing access control.

As I remembered how smooth and efficient things were when we first started using Basecamp back in 2005, I realised that thoughtfully designed tools are like teachers; they educate you into good —in this case project management— practices.

A well-designed tool makes you feel like you’re around smart, capable people who care about your success and inspire you into doing your best work.

A badly designed tool, on the other hand, makes you feel like you’re working with people who don’t care about your needs and who keep you from getting things done.

The more time you spend with a tool, the more these effects compound.

Therefore, make sure to carefully evaluate any project management tool before committing to it, and make sure it is a good fit for your needs and your team. Be mindful of its impact on the quality of your work.

If you expose yourself to bad software, then bad software is what you will build. Only something good inspires.

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