A Story Point Koan

A CFO visits a Master and finds his Way to Enlightenment.

A Buddhist monk watching a flock of swallows during sunset
A monk watching a flock of swallows during sunset. Image generated with AI by DALL-E.

A CFO visited a Master, and said: “Master, it seems that our developers and me use completely different metrics.”

“Tell me about them,” said the Master.

“Well, the developers keep telling me how many story points they’ve completed, and how they’re improving their velocity. But I have no idea what a story point is. And at the end of each month, they demand payment in gold kobans.”

“So in order to balance your books, you need to know how many story points equate to a gold koban,” said the Master.

“That’s right Master, but when I ask, they say that it’s an invalid question.”

The Master was looking up, and the CFO followed his gaze. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, a flock of swallows appeared, and flew in circles around the roof of the temple.

“How many circles would it take for a swallow to catch a mosquito?” asked the Master.

At that moment, the CFO was Enlightened.

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