The Story of the Little Fact

A cautionary tale of what happens when evidence meets reality.

An AI-image of an innocent little girl addressing an audience of furious scientists.
A girl addressing an audience of scientists. Image generated with AI by Midjourney.

Once upon a time, there was a little fact who longed to be discovered.

She presented herself to a room full of scientists. But as soon as she started to speak they burst into laughter. “Go away, little fact!” one of them scoffed. “You are not wanted here. You disagree with scientific consensus!”

“Look at you! You’re so small. Why should we even listen?” shouted another.

“Because… I’m true?” the little fact stammered.

But now the room erupted in fury. “How dare you!” one of them exclaimed.

A kind-looking scientist rushed forward, took her by the arm, and quickly hustled her out. “Let me take you somewhere safe,” she said.

“What have I done?” asked the little fact, shaken by the outrage.

“You scared them,” the kind-looking scientist said.

She helped the little fact into hiding, and kept her whereabouts a secret to this day.

One can only wonder, will the little fact ever come out again?

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