Zen and the Discovery of Cost of Delay

In which a developer learns to put a price on time.

A Japanese tradesman sitting at a table with an hourglass and coins
As every tradesman can tell you, time is money. Image generated with AI by DALL-E.

A developer came to see a Master, and said: “Master, I need your help. I thought of this wonderful business opportunity and told my boss about it. She likes the idea, but keeps stalling. ‘Not now, not now’, she keeps saying. ‘We’ll do it later!’ Master, what can I say to open her eyes?”

“I take it that time is of the essence?” asked the Master.

“Oh, yes Master,” said the developer. “With every day of holding off, my boss is losing so much money.”

The Master smiled. “How much money?” he asked.

At that moment, the developer was Enlightened.

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